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Assistant Programme Coordinator;
Erasmus Mundus Master Programme in Urban Studies


Forschungsinteressen und Arbeitsgebiete

  • Urban Cycling and Active Transport
  • Concept & Visions of Urbanity
  • Urban Morphology
  • Tactical Urbanism

Lehrtätigkeit an der Universität Wien – Lehrveranstaltungen seit 2013


  • Bicycle urbanism - Factors that lead to the normalization or marginalization of the bicycle as a daily mode of urban transport (Doctoral dissertation)
  • STC - Smarter Than Car, an open source think tank and research unit focusing on post-hyperautomobility
  • TEDxVienna - City 2.0, an annual event featuring local and international talks and workshops on relevant urban topics
  • Vienna Summer School in Urban Studies 2014 - Right to the City: Appropriations of Public Spaces in Transition
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