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Joint-Master study "Urban Studies (4Cities)"

Pleased find detailed information on the joint-master study of "Urban Studies (4Cities)" in the bulletin of the University of Vienna (german only):

Respectively the website of the joint-master study:

Study objectives

The objective of the joint-master-study Urban Studies at the University of Vienna is to impart the students knowledge, skills and competences in the area of socio-, economical and cultural scientific urban research which they will need in a future employment in appropriate fields of work (urban planning, social planning, project management, politics consultation, cultural and scientific journalism, etc.) and which prepare the students for a possible PhD-study.

Graduates of the master’s-degree-study Urban Studies at the University of Vienna are able to (beyond a bachelor’s-degree-study)

  • Analyze urban societies and urban environments in Europe with the help of appropriate and advanced methods;
  • Understand and to apply in analytical work the theoretical approaches of the urban scientific research imparted by lecturers of an international and interdisciplinary circle;
  • Develop solutions for urban problematic areas and to learn principles of scientific politics consultation;
  • Strengthen the skills of project presentations and project management with independently worked out projects;
  • Study in a multidisciplinary and international team, learn the professional language of other disciplines and to practice intercultural communication.

A study at six universities in four cities

The master’s-degree-study Urban Studies is carried out by the following six universities in four European university-cities (obliged by written agreement in the framework of the UNICA-network):

  • ULB Brüssel : Université Libre de Bruxelles - Institut de Sociologie / CRU - Centre de Recherche Urbaine and Institut de Géographie / IGEAT - Institut de Gestion de L'Environnement et d'Aménagement du Territoire
  • VUB Brüssel : Vrije Universiteit Brussel - Departement Geografie / COSMOPOLIS (City, culture & society)
  • UW Wien: Universität Wien - Institut für Geographie und Regionalforschung
  • UK Kopenhagen: Københavns Universitet - Institut for Kunst- og Kulturvidenskab / Institut for Geografi og Geologi 
  • UAM Madrid: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - Departamento de Geografía / Catedrático de Geografía Humana
  • UCM Madrid: Universidad Complutense de Madrid - Departamento de Sociología II

Modules of the Joint-Master-study "Urban Studies (4Cities)"

Every university is responsible for certain modules. The Universities in Brussels VUB and ULB offer their modules in the winter term, the University of Vienna (UW) in the summer term, the University of Kopenhagen in the winter term, both universities in Madrid at the beginning of the summer term. It is recommended to take the modules in the following order: winter term in Brussels, following summer term in Vienna, second winter term in Kopenhagen, beginning of the second summer term in Madrid.

The curriculum is structured in modules. There are 16 modules (total 120 ECTS), all of them are mandatory and must be taken at the named universities. The modules include courses with continuous assessment of course work (exercises, pro-seminars, seminars, excursions, practical trainings) und courses without continuous assessment of course work (lectures):

  • European Urban Studies (8 ECTS) – VUB
  • Urban Social Geography  (8 ECTS) – VUB
  • Urban Sociology  (8 ECTS) – ULB
  • Urban Economics  (8 ECTS) – ULB
  • Urban Analysis I  (4 ECTS) – VUB
  • Urban Analysis II  (4 ECTS) – ULB
  • Demography of European Cities  (4 ECTS) – UW
  • Principles of Urban Planning  (4 ECTS) – UW
  • Comparing Urban Development: European and US- American Cities (4 ECTS) – UW
  • Urban Development and Planning in Eastern Europe (4 ECTS) – UW
  • Urban analysis III (4 ECTS) – UW
  • Urbanism and Architecture  (8 ECTS) – UK
  • Urban Culture and Urban Politics (7 ECTS) – UK
  • Urban analysis IV (5 ECTS) – UK
  • The Sustainable and Liveable City (10 ECTS) – UAM, UCM
  • Master thesis and exam (30 ECTS) – VUB, ULB, UW, UK, UAM, UCM
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