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The study of „Spatial research and spatial planning“

… was introduced in 1975 as branch of the diploma study of geography ate the University of Vienna (Prof. Dr. E. Lichtenberger). Since 2007 it is an individual, two-year master’s degree program – adapted to the European academic structure – respectively Joint-Master program (4Cities), which is based on the three-year bachelor’s degree program of geography.

The study imparts how spatial-related analyses are conducted at the interface of society, politics and economy, it teaches the basic structures, instruments and the application in practice of spatial planning in Austria and Europe and it increases the students’ methodological competence in the area of qualitative, quantitative and cartographic methods.

Job perspectives and qualifications

The job perspectives range from well to very well although there is no guaranty that every graduate finds an appropriate employment immediately. Concrete fields of work can be found in the area of urban planning, regional planning, local and regional spatial planning, in the sectoral planning of the Federal Government, of the Federal States and the European Union (transportation, economy, agriculture, environment, education,…), in the area of politics consul-tation, location marketing, real estate sector, applied geoinformatics, and in the market and public opinion research. In addition the study means a good prereq-uisite to attain a civil engineer qualification.

Eventually the study entitles to start an academic career (research institutes, PhD-study).

What is spatial research and spatial planning?

The objective of spatial research is the analysis of spatial developments, is oriented interdisciplinary (with the core disciplines of geography, sociology, economics, architecture, urban development, transportation science, etc.) and is necessary for a problem-adequate analysis and a subsequent efficiency control of spatial planning.
However spatial planning is the task of the public authorities to establish a methodical, conflict-minimizing and provident structure of the region on different levels of scale.

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Transnational planning regions
in the greater area of Vienna
(Source: City of Vienna, MA 18)

Rate of unemployment in the NUTS-II-regions 2006 (in %)
(Source: EUROSTAT;
Layout and Cartography: IfGR)

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